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** We're back from vacation, FoodLover!

The Chief Taster and I took a trip to gorgeous Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. Yes, I was one of those PBS pledge drive-watching kids who was super-psyched when Anne of Green Gables was featured and YES! we most certainly visited Green Gables ( . It was a bit of a childhood dream come true and a really lovely place to spend a morning.

What did we do with the rest of our time? We ate A LOT of seafood! P.E.I. is where most mussels available in grocery stores around here are raised and it's also the home of award-winning Malpeque oysters, both of which I've eaten in New England for years but to have them freshly harvested was really a treat.

We expected to find lots of delicious seafood, which we did, but what we fell in love with were the potatoes! P.E.I. is blanketed by these gorgeous, tidy rows of potato plants. All the rolling hills there are a combination of perfectly planted red soil fields and incredibly lush green grasses, bushes and trees. It was just beautiful! And what better food to enjoy while camping than fresh potatoes roasted over an open fire. They were perfect. (It didn't hurt that we camped right on the beach with a perfect view of sunset and sunrise!)

Perfect camping food. Cheap, simple and so darn good!

The whole island was a patchwork of red rows of soil, lush greenery and bright blue sky.

Sunrise through the window in our tent. What a way to wake up!

Sunset from the same campsite right on the beach. Gorgeous!

The fifth week of our CSA occurred while we were away so no photos of that batch but yesterday was the sixth pick-up of the season and things are starting to get colorful!

Here’s this week’s CSA run down, week #6:

Lettuce Garlic Carrots Cucumbers Basil Summer squash Parsley

Tomatoes: these are from the hothouse, tasty, juicy and great with the basil. More on tomatoes when the season really gets going.

Red onions: have I mentioned that I LOVE onions? Well, I do. I love them pretty much any way they can be prepared but this is one of our favorite ways to eat onions in the summer: peel and cut them into thick slices, coat with olive oil, sprinkle with a little salt and curry powder, then pop them on the grill until they get tender and a little charred. There is something about curry and onion together that is just delicious!

Eggplant: ATTENTION! Eggplant Parmigiana is NOT the only way to eat eggplant. I know this may be shocking to some people, especially those who believe in the power of melted cheese to transform veggies into a little bit of heaven. I hear ya but stick with me! Look to the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Asia for some of the most delectable ways to prepare eggplant. Fresh, warm baba gannoush ( is luxurious. Slices of hot, grilled Asian ( or Moroccan ( eggplant are succulent and so rich with intense flavor. Classic French ratatouille ( is a celebration of summer in a single dish. And there's always simply roasted or grilled slices with olive oil, salt and pepper, perfect with fresh tomatoes and herbs for a pressed sandwich ( or straight out of the oven! If your only experience with eggplant has been Parmigiana or if you don't think you like eggplant, give one of these recipes a try. You're likely to be pleasantly surprised!

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