This week it's all about you and what you love, and I want to know all about it!

I would be so grateful if all of you could take a moment to share your wisdom to help me grow FoodLove.

Here's what I would love to know:

What are your go-to resources (websites, magazines, blogs) for finding great restaurants in your own area and when you travel?

Do you search for anything special like locally-owned, vegetarian, gluten-free?

Do you ever search for farmer's markets or farm stands? Which resource is most helpful?

Do you ever search for health food stores or co-ops? Which resource is most helpful?

Is there a food resource of any kind that you just absolutely love?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your input is SO valuable to me!

QUICK NOTE: FoodLove! will be on the road next week eating our way through London. We'll be back April 6 to tell you all about our gastronomic adventures!