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OK, time for a fabulous Super Bowl snack!

I’ll admit, I have almost no interest in football except that I always hope the Pats win because it keeps everyone I love happy. I do, however, love cooking up fun and healthy snacks for the big game. Why go healthy and not just make something from a brightly colored package that only requires heating? The junky-junk is just too easy, too available, and too horrible for you!

I do love a challenge and finding something crave-worthy for folks who don’t usually make healthy food a priority is my kind of challenge. I also happen to really believe in the importance of flooding your diet with as much real, whole food as possible because it makes you feel like a rock star (instead of flabby and crabby…you know who you are!).

Last week I introduced the concept of functional medicine, which relies in large part on eating excellent quality, whole foods. That topic is a big one that I’m sure to explore here more in the coming months, but right here, right now all you need to do is start replacing some of your processed convenience food with some real food. And what better way to begin than with something fun!

These two recipes are So. Darn. Good. Really, what’s better than spicy morsels and cheesy, gooey goodness, especially if they’re *almost* as good for you as a green smoothie? There is so much good stuff in both of these that you may start making them for every meal!

The first is an amazing nacho dip that has no dairy in it at all, so it’s great for anyone with an allergy. Even if you’re a cheese lover this is leaps and bounds more delicious than that nasty shelf-stable stuff in a jar, yuck. The very lovely and genius Angela Liddon is the creator and the recipe can be found in her cookbook Oh She Glows. I could not find a copy of this recipe on her website so the link will take you to another great blog, The Whole Table.

Life Affirming Nacho Dip

The second recipe is from the Thug Kitchencookbook Eat Like You Give a F*ck. The Thug Kitchen kicks ass at delicious heathy food that seems more like it’s something you’d grab from a taco stand. And all the recipes come with a big dose of sassy attitude and salty language! So, if you’re a delicate flower, put your big girl panties on and venture in because these recipes are worth it.
Roasted Sriracha Cauliflower Bites with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Here’s hoping you head off to your Super Bowl party with these yummy snacks in tow and may the Pats win!