Homemade chocolate chip cookie dough, scooped into little balls and frozen, ready for smooshing into ice cream = me loving my Chief Taster.

A fresh salad and/or tater tots (we really like healthy AND junky!) waiting for us whenever we eat at my mom's = her loving her kids.

The invite to get lunch at our favorite vegan place in VT = the in-laws loving us.

No matter if it's a cherished family recipe prepared in just the right way or a friend who who has a favorite indulgence waiting for you upon arrival at their house, those foods represent love. They are concrete expressions of the feelings and thoughts people have about you, and in turn, those gifts of food are imbued with loving energy. 

Gifts of food are my favorite gift to give: I not only get to show the recipient that I've cared enough about them to pay attention to what they most enjoy but I get to think about them and our connection as I'm preparing their gift, filling it with good vibes.

That's why this week I'd like to share a sweet story that struck a chord with me, The Healing Hoagie. I can't attest to healing a serious disease with a sandwich but sometimes the power of love is best conveyed through something tasty!