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** Greetings from Idaho and Oregon, FoodLover!

The Chief Taster and I are on the road this week and eating our way through two new states, so we'll give you all a quick taste of what we're tasting!

1 There a few very few noticeable ethnic neighborhoods. In other parts of the country you track down the Italian neighborhood for great pasta or the Polish or German neighborhood for the best sausages but out here it's a total mixed bag. The lines of ethnic food traditions are far more blurred, which makes it more challenging to find the most authentic version of each cuisine but we've had the chance to sample some crossover flavors and techniques that are absolutely delicious.

2 Cardomom is everywhere! This has made me so happy because I happen to LOVE cardomom in coffee (I thought I had come up with this idea just like I thought I invented clam pizza then I went to Frank Pepe's in New Haven and learned he's been doing it since the 20s). So, anyway...

Cardomom seems to be the seasoning of choice in these parts showing up in coffee as well as baked goods, savory meals and cocktails, much as you would find in the Middle East or India. In addition to Cardomom, other spices common to Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines are popping up, particularly in coffee and cocktails like a turmeric-ginger latte or a clove-plum-apple rum punch. Yum!

3 The fries in Idaho are delicious! In a state famous for its potatoes they absolutely take fries seriously and in several restaurants you can chose not only the shape (shoestring, wide cut or even balls!) but the exact variety of locally-grown potato and they'll be cut and fried fresh for your order. In the land of burger and fry joints we've become accustomed to mediocre frozen fries but there really is something magical about taking three simple ingredients -- potatoes, hot oil and salt -- and creating one of the most delicious simple foods of all time!

Since we're on the road the CSA update will have to wait until next week and that will be the last regular season pick up for the year.

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