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** The conversation is back, FoodLover!

We've had some big changes at the FoodLove house that have taken up much time and brain space, which is why you didn't hear from us last week and why this week's newsletter will be on the short and sweet side! But I hope to return to a full weekly dose of lovely food chat, including more strategies for making great meals with less effort, within a week or two. Until then, I hope you enjoy this double CSA update! CSA rundown, weeks #12 & #13:

Onions Leeks Potatoes Peppers, sweet and hot Pattypan squash Kale Fennel Lettuce Cabbage Celery Corn Baby greens

Bok choy Newbie! I love bok choy because it has a terrific crisp juicy texture and a very mild radish-y flavor that adds a lot of wonderful contrast to a stir fry rich with protein and soy flavors. Just slice into half inch pieces and toss into any stir fry recipe or serve on its own with a splash of soy sauce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. It's good raw or cooked so no worries about under or over cooking, just eat it when it looks good to you!

Sunshine & Delicata squashes Newbies! Both winter squashes, Sunshine looks much like a pumpkin and Delicata is oblong with yellow skin and thin green stripes. Both have the ubiquitous orange flesh of all winter squash and can be treated just the same! Peel, cube and roast for a delicious side dish or toss into a burrito, pasta or with sautéed greens. You can also halve (the Delicata) or slice off the top (the Sunshine), scoop out the seeds, roast until tender then stuff with just about anything.

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